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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Email Marketing Free Proven Way To Promote Your Product

Email Marketing is the best proven way to generate sales,new customers and retain customers that have already purchased from you. If they are purchasing from you, they will most likely want to keep in touch.Email Marketing is very useful to promote affiliate products.

An email is only good if it's open!

Email marketing is not just an email with some simple links or pitch like "come buy my stuff!" People want to be entertained. Provide good content to your email, some interaction, some graphics, even a giveaway, along with a punchy, effective headline, and you'll see traffic flowing from your sent emails. Set up an opt-in subscriber email list. Some sites have them built in, like eBay and CafePress. If you have your own site, try using Constant Contact. They provide a good email service that's easy to customize and appears very professional. The first 100 emails are free.

Some things to add to your emails:

* Seasonal recipes

* Coupons for your items

* Live event if applicable

* Giveaways or contests, announcing the previous winner in each email (to build trust!)

* Graphics that relate to your products

* Seasonal graphics, slogans and sayings

* An interactive poll

* Feedback from readers and buyers

* News of any special that you may be running

* Related articles, links or stories included in your email

* Suggestions, product reviews, monthly tips, anything that your readers may find useful, entertaining and relevant

More sales from email marketing!

Open emails = happy customers = passing the email along to other potential customers = more sales!

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