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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Word About Selling Text links-Google's Blow

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On a number of posts on blogger I talk about selling text links on your blog.

It is worth noting that my own practice of this has changed in the last 12 months and you should know that there are risks associated with the practice that are worth knowing before you get into it.

There is debate and controversy over this - but in the last months Google have begun to crack down on the practice of buying and selling of links in a new way. They don’t like the practice because they see it as a manipulation of their ranking of websites. As a result they’ve begun to take measures against it - one of which is to penalize sites that they see selling text links.

In 2007 a number of waves of penalties against these types of sites were handed out - mainly in the form of decreasing the page rank of sites selling links. Of course they didn’t get everyone and at first it was largely higher profiled sites who got hit with it - but they continue to find and penalize sites.

Bloggers and SEO types have been split on this issue - some saying that Google are being hypocritical, some agreeing with Google and saying that it’s their right to make their own rules. Whatever you think about it - you need to know that buying and selling of text links can lead to penalties with Google.

You may decide to take the risk and continue to sell them like many other bloggers - but you might also feel it’s not worth the risk.

The decision is yours,
Best Of Luck...

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