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Saturday, September 5, 2009

How to Build and Manage Dynamic Websites Without Any Technical Knowledge

When I mean without any technical knowledge that means anyone with basic computer skills of browsing! sounds like fun huh!
From Earn A Bit

Drupal a comprehensive software package that contains a CMS along with many other modules that will allow you, as an individual or as a community of users, to easily develop, manage and organize content of a very wide variety on your website.

Drupal is powerful and very popular software that is now increasingly a part of most web hosting packages. The best part of Drupal is you only need to have very basic technical skills like word processing skills or basic browsing skills to be able to use Drupal effectively. No advanced programming knowledge is required. You don't need HTML skills to be able to build,maintain and organize your website using Drupal.

Installation of Drupal is very simple with an easy-to-use web installer. After installation, you are taken through the process of selecting a design for your website and the various content types that will form your website. A wizard guides you through the entire process and at various stages corresponding to different pages of your website, you will be asked to make selections or type in text in browser-based forms. You will also be able to preview what your website looks like as you go along. This allows you to go back and make changes at any point in the process.

The power of Drupal is not just in its CMS but in the way you can create and display a wide variety of content. For example, you may want a simple personal homepage, or a blog on a hobby of yours that you would like visitors to participate in or you may want to start a full-fledged portal. Drupal can be used for all of these purposes just by using various modules that are part of the Drupal package. For example, Drupal introduces you to different basic content types like page, blog, story or even book. By editing certain fields in Drupal's specialized Content Construction Kit, you can very easily create any kind of content that you want without having to know any coding. Drupal can very easily help you set up blogs, forums, picture galleries, peer-to-peer networking, etc. You can set these up as individual websites or as features of your website.
From Earn A Bit

Drupal is very powerful software with the ability to build, maintain and handle content and web 2.0 applications. Drupal is just one of several CMS packages available. If you're building a new site or your existing site is hard to manage, check into content management systems and you will find one software which will fulfill all your needs
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