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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Make Money on PPC Using Affiliate Programs

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective promotional methods online. It provides instant traffic and quick results for any marketing campaign. A really fast and easy way to get targeted traffic to your website.If you have a little start-up capital, you can begin promoting other Company's products via without a web site using affiliate programs.

To succeed with PPC advertising you need to make more in sales than you pay for ad clicks. Some people make thousands a day. There are many online PPC guides that will show you the way to making profits with pay per click ads and affiliate programs.

Step 1:Determine the niche you want to target. This could be anything from health and beauty to self-improvement. If you have trouble coming up with a niche, just think of something that interests you or that you know a lot about. This will help you to identify segments of a given niche that may not be fully explored
Step 2:Compile a list of products with affiliate programs in your chosen niche. There are a number of affiliate programs which are managed by affiliate directories. These are the easiest to find. Others are privately managed by the merchant's dedicated marketing team. While these are a little harder to find, they tend to be more profitable because they have less competition.
Step 3:Use a keyword research tool to find keywords and phrases that pertain to your chosen niche. These can be paid or free. Begin by searching for the names of the products to identify keywords that buyers may enter into a search engine. Also, search various terms beginning with “how to” that relate to problems your affiliate products address.
Step 4:Refine your keyword list. The goal is to narrow your list down to keywords and phrases that receive 100 or more searches monthly but have low competition in the search engines.
Step 5:Open up your PPC account. There are a number of PPC search engines you can target, the major players being Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Each has a dedicated tutorial to help you set up an account with them. Most will require you to deposit some funds to get the account going.
Step 6:Write your ads and enter your keywords into your PPC. Be sure your ads are designed to spark the curiosity of searchers. You don't have to try to tell them everything about the product in your ad because the room is limited.
Step7:Set your bid amounts. Shoot for a maximum bid of $0.10. If you have to bid more in order to get a keyword placed in the first page of results, then delete that keyword and move on to another that is less competitive but still has 100 or more monthly searches.
Step 8:Test and track your keywords and phrases. There a several tools that serve this purpose. The goal is to determine which keywords lead to conversions and which don't. As time progresses, get rid of the keywords that don't convert so you can increase your profit margin.

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